• Industrial Gases

    Carbon Dioxide
    Colorado Compressed Gases can supply many types of gases for most industrial applications. From Weld mixes to Argon to Carbon Dioxide.
  • Medical Gases

    Medical Nitrous Oxide
    Colorado Compressed Gases first started years ago filling medical oxygen cylinders and from there expanded to all the gases we do today. Colorado Compressed Gases can also supply medical Nitrogen and Nitrous Oxide.
  • Welding Supplies

    Hoods and Helmets
    Colorado Compressed Gases carries many of the major brands for welding supplies such as Miller, ESAB, Tillman, Gateway, Hypotherm, Jackson, Champion, Hobart, and Lincoln to name a few.
  • Home Brew Supplies

    CO2 Pressure Regulator
    Colorado Compressed Gases carries many of the regulators needed in a home brew system along with being able to fill carbon dioxide into a 5, 10 or 20 pound CO2 cylinder.
  • Beverage Delivery Systems

    CO2 Delivery System
    Do you have a restaurant, bar or greenhouse that needs carbon Dioxide? Colorado Compressed Gases has a no loss Carbon Dioxide system to help you with your CO2 needs big or small.
  • Medical Supplies

    High Point Service Center is the medical supply and medical repair Division for Colorado Compresses Gases
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    Medical Repair

    Cryogenic Dewars
    Colorado Compressed Gases has its own internal repair division known as High Point Service Center. We can repair such things as Liquid Dewar's, Oxygen bulk tanks, Oxygen concentrators and CPAPS.
  • Cylinder Requalification

    Hydrostatic Testing
    Colorado Compressed Gases can re qualify most high pressure DOT rated cylinders.